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Tom Blomberg Joins Coterie Advisors Executive Sales Team

Tom Blomberg, whose career has focused on benefits for hourly employees, is set to join National business development efforts in fast-growing limited benefit medical plan market for employers.

Scottsdale, AZ, April 18th, 2021 – Coterie Advisory Group Inc., whose founding partners include some of the original founders of Star HRG (Starbridge®) and Ternian® Insurance Group, have announced that Thomas Blomberg, formerly of BCS Insurance Company® and more recently of Innovative Health Insurance Advisors, will be joining Coterie Advisor’s business development team as: Senior Vice President of National Sales.

Tom will leverage his industry experience and relationships to partner with employee benefits Brokers and Consultants to focus on Coterie Advisor’s Fundamental Care® product set. Their Limited-Benefit Indemnity Plans allow employers to offer affordable and unique health insurance options for their uninsured, part-time, and hourly workers which provides coverage for basic medical expenses. It complements Coterie Advisor’s flagship product, their level-funded Limited Day Health Plan, which offers near-comprehensive coverage at 30-40% less than the cost of traditional high-deductible health plans. With their combined product offerings, Coterie Advisors delivers an Affordability-Based Medical Plan strategy that is unique to the marketplace.

Aaron Cook, President of Coterie Advisors said, “We are excited to announce that Tom Blomberg is joining Coterie and will add a highly-talented and experienced executive to our team. Similar to the principals of Coterie, Tom has spent his career dedicated to offering unique medical solutions to underserved employees of some of the largest service industry employers in the nation.” Cook added, “Tom brings to Coterie his experience, industry knowledge, and reputation that will drive business development for Fundamental Care and continue our success in the future.”

The affordability void in healthcare continues to be a major issue in the United States. With over 28 Million uninsured and 70% of workers living paycheck to paycheck, Coterie Advisors continues to design and develop solutions that meet the needs of the underserved. Fundamental Care provides access to unique and affordable insurance benefits on a guarantee issue basis. Limited Day and Limited Benefit Indemnity plans can be customized and structured with affordable premiums and no deductibles. The plans are high in potential coverage and include upfront, day-one benefits – healthcare employees can actually use. Both plans meet the employer’s ACA mandated requirement for offering Minimum Essential Coverage and Coterie Advisors can also provide Minimum Value Plan (MVP) options for client's needing a solution for their full-time equivalent employees.

Through Coterie Advisor's Affordability-Based Medical Plan Strategy, the plans not only provide needed healthcare to the insured employees but also offer companies a strategy to improve recruiting and reduce turnover by rewarding a carve-out class or more-tenured employees. For more information, please contact your employee benefits broker or visit or


Aaron Cook

President & Co-Founder


Coterie Advisory Group, Inc. is an Arizona-based, insurance program manager and consultative advisor who delivers Affordability-Based Medical Plan Strategies to help benefit brokers, employers, and associations in the benefits industry. Since 1990, the founding partners of Coterie Advisors have specialized in Affordability-Based Medical Plans. They have decades of experience working with some of the nation’s largest service industry employers and understand the unique needs of a variable hour workforce made up of part-time, hourly, and seasonal employees. Their unique and proprietary Affordability-Based Medical Plans (Fundamental Care) include fully-insured limited-benefit indemnity plans and level-funded limited-day plans which solve real-world problems, make a meaningful difference in consumers' lives, and have a track record of being market-leading and market-changing.


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