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StuLo's Student Loan Debt Relief Benefit to be Acquired by Group Advantage Corp.

The StuLo employee benefit program will now be part of National Student Debt Forgiveness Center.

Phoenix, AZ, March 31st, 2021 – Student Markets Group, Inc. d/b/a StuLo®, a leader in student Loan debt relief and financial wellness benefits in the employee benefits marketplace, has announced that certain assets of their company, namely their StuLo employee benefit program, have been acquired by Group Advantage Corp. d/b/a National Student Debt Forgiveness Center ("NSDFC").

Launched in 2017, the founders of StuLo, Ben Rozum and Aaron Cook, saw an emerging and unmet need in the employee benefits marketplace and created StuLo as an affordable alternative to the more expensive, employer-based repayment assistance programs. Since that time, they've helped employers and associations, along with over 1 million individuals, to have access to navigating their student loans to uncover savings within federal assistance programs and private loan refinancing.

According to Ben Rozum, President of StuLo, "We are proud of the StuLo program and especially for the number of members whom we've been able to provide meaningful assistance to by helping them save significant money on their student loan debt." Rozum added, "We appreciate our long-term partnership with NSDFC and know that our members, clients, and broker distributors are in good hands going forward. The vision and service approach with StuLo will continue to be enhanced in the future under the ownership of NSDFC."

NSDFC specializes in individual consulting services that are designed to provide meaningful assistance to those with student loan debt who are in need of hands on assistance to help navigate what can be a complex and confusing issue. At the same time, they also help employers who are struggling with their benefit budgets and are seeking innovative solutions that can be implemented quickly and inexpensively.

Natalie Luongo, Director at NSDFC said, “We appreciate our working relationship with the StuLo team and see this transition as a positive step in continuing the success of StuLo and expanding our reach in the employer marketplace." Luongo continued, "We are excited about the future of StuLo under NSDFC as we know that student loan debt relief continues to gain employee benefits marketplace acceptance and the growth opportunity is high."

The terms of the acquisition were undisclosed.

To learn more, visit:


Natalie Luongo

Director of Sales and Operations

StuLo c/o National Student Debt Forgiveness Center

646-766-1330 EXT 105

About StuLo and National Student Debt Forgiveness Center

The StuLo benefit program is now part of NSDFC based in Long Island, NY. NSDFC is a service focused organization whose primary focus is to help individuals navigate what can be a confusing and complex process of managing their student loan debt. Whether the loans are made up of Federal or Private loans, the counselors at NSDFC can find the right programs to help with restructuring the loan for monthly payment savings under Federal assistance programs, pursue debt forgiveness under Federal programs like Public Service Loan Forgiveness, or offer total loan amount savings with a lower interest rate through its platform of private loan refinancers. To learn more, visit NSDFC at


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