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Still struggling with some 1/1 small group renewals?

Everyone has those groups that give you a bit of trouble or are just simply looking for a more affordable alternative to high-deductible health plans...

Let's talk about how we can help you with a unique, Affordability-Based Medical Plan Strategy to fast-track some of these groups.

Feel free to check out our upcoming webinar to learn more:

Wednesday December 9, 2020 - 20 Minute Webinars

Highlights of our Fundamental Care Limited-Day plans:

  • No Deductible

  • 60% of the cost of an ACA plan

  • No health underwriting

  • Min 5 enrolled for groups under 50

  • $50 min employer contribution

  • Level-Funded

  • Backed by industry leaders

For more information, email us at or visit: or

Aaron Cook

Co-Founder and President


Coterie Advisory Group, Inc. is an Arizona-based, insurance program manager and consultative advisor who delivers Affordability-Based Medical Plan Strategies to help benefit brokers, employers, and associations in the benefits industry. Since 1990, the founding partners of Coterie Advisors have specialized in Affordability-Based Medical Plans. They have decades of experience working with some of the nation’s largest service industry employers and understand the unique needs of a variable hour workforce made up of part-time, hourly, and seasonal employees. Their unique and proprietary Affordability-Based Medical Plans (Fundamental Care) include fully-insured limited-benefit indemnity plans and level-funded limited-day plans which solve real-world problems, make a meaningful difference in consumers' lives, and have a track record of being market-leading and market-changing.


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