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Coterie Advisors Launches a Bronze-Level Minimum Value Plan with a Unique Feature: Zero Deductibles

The employer-based health insurance plan expands Coterie Advisor’s Fundamental Care product offering which helps employers and their employees with access to innovative, Affordability-Based Medical Plans.

Phoenix AZ, June 16th, 2021 – Coterie Advisory Group Inc., whose founding partners have specialized in providing Affordability-Based Medical Plans since 1989, have announced the addition of a no-deductible Bronze-Level Minimum Value Plan to their portfolio of guaranteed issue, employer-focused health insurance plans. Marketed as one of the Fundamental Care Tri-Level Limited-Day Plans, Coterie Advisors will now offer both minimum essential coverage (MEC) and minimum value plans (MVP) to employers looking for innovative and affordable alternatives.

Fundamental Care is designed to help solve the fundamental problems that plague the U.S. health insurance marketplace today – namely the issues surrounding affordability and high-deductibles. Employers and employees alike have been struggling with their current options where premiums are too expensive and cost-saving measures of increasingly high deductibles have made their insurance plans unusable. Employees and their families have been left with the difficult choice of avoiding care or be subject to the significant upfront financial burden of high deductibles.

Aaron Cook, President of Coterie Advisors, said “With Fundamental Care, we developed a unique benefit structure, known as limited-day, and utilized an alternative self-funding arrangement, known as level-funding. Together, they create significant cost savings and a usable health insurance plan with meaningful coverage.” Cook added, “The pricing of Fundamental Care is targeted to be 30% less than the cost of traditional high-deductible health plans. But unlike other bronze-level plans which can include medical underwriting and high deductibles of thousands of dollars, our plan is guaranteed-issue with zero deductibles.”

According to Coterie Advisors, the new Fundamental Care Bronze Plan has been independently certified to meet the actuarial equivalent of a bronze-level MVP as required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The combined offering of the Tri-Level Plan meets the employers mandated offering requirements under ACA to help avoid both Penalty A and B. It is available on a guaranteed-issue basis with as little as 30% of the eligible employees enrolling in one of the plan offerings. The plans are available with low employer contribution requirements for small, mid-size, and large companies in 35 states.

The level-funded, Fundamental Care Limited-Day Plans are backed by the reinsurance of A+ rated insurance companies. Coterie Advisors is actively looking for Benefit Brokers and select General Agents to help distribute the plans on a national basis in the employee benefits marketplace. To learn more, please talk to your insurance broker and visit:


Aaron Cook

President & Co-Founder


Coterie Advisory Group, Inc. is a national insurance program manager and consultative advisor who delivers Affordability-Based Medical Plan Strategies to help benefit brokers, employers, and associations in the benefits industry. Since 1990, the founding partners of Coterie Advisors have specialized in Affordability-Based Medical Plans. They have decades of experience working with some of the nation’s largest service industry employers and understand the unique needs of a variable hour workforce made up of part-time, hourly, and seasonal employees. Their unique and proprietary Affordability-Based Medical Plans (Fundamental Care) include fully-insured limited-benefit indemnity plans and level-funded limited-day plans which solve real-world problems, make a meaningful difference in consumers' lives, and have a track record of being market-leading and market-changing.

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