The Value of Strategic Analysis…

Benefit strategies for employers with large populations of part-time and hourly workers are at the forefront for companies realizing now, more than ever, the importance of their variable-hour workforce.

Client-specific needs are unique and benefit offerings should be tailored and customized based on the individualized data and analysis of an employer group client’s desire to improve recruiting, retention, or even cost-saving measures. Coterie Advisors offers brokers and consultants a client-specific Statistical Modeling Report to help uncover your employer group client’s unique needs with overall findings and actionable recommendations.

The result is a professional, data-driven, report that provides decision-support for your client’s benefit offering strategy. All this before a proposal is even contemplated… If your current MEC/Limited-Benefit Indemnity partner is just issuing you a proposal to match your current or off-the-shelf plans, with no strategic analysis, what value are they providing? Contact Coterie Advisors to create a custom Statistical Modeling Report, at no-cost, for you and your clients. Coterie Advisors believes they are well-positioned to meet the “new normal” of marketplace needs based on the changes that will result from the current economic environment. For more information, please contact your employee benefits broker or visit or

Ben Rozum

Co-Founder and EVP


Coterie Advisory Group, Inc. is a Scottsdale-based, insurance program manager and consultative advisor who delivers Affordability-Based Medical Plan Strategies to help benefit brokers, employers, and associations in the benefits industry. Since 1990, the founding partners of Coterie Advisors have specialized in Affordability-Based Medical Plans. They have decades of experience working with some of the nation’s largest service industry employers and understand the unique needs of a variable hour workforce made up of part-time, hourly, and seasonal employees. Their unique and proprietary Affordability-Based Medical Plans (Fundamental Care) include fully-insured limited-benefit indemnity plans and level-funded limited-day plans which solve real-world problems, make a meaningful difference in consumers' lives, and have a track record of being market-leading and market-changing.