Medical Benefits for Part-time Employees?

Companies with large populations of part-time and hourly employees are realizing now, more than ever, that offering medical benefits will be a requirement to compete for returning workers.

Employee benefit advisors are telling us that many of their employer group clients are actively looking for new medical plan solutions… Nearly 50% of recently surveyed employers plan to make enhancements to their 2021 benefit offering.

What's on their mind? Will furloughed hourly employees come back? Has their mindset changed to work for a company that offers medical benefits? With the individual mandate and penalty gone, why waste money on a low-value MEC plan for part-timers when more valuable and usable medical benefits can be offered?

Coterie Advisors can help you and your clients with our Fundamental Care plans, which provide a combined strategy of unique and affordable healthcare options.

We offer:

  • Voluntary, Limited Benefit Indemnity solutions which provide basic coverage for employers with a large population of part-time, hourly, or seasonal workers. ​

  • Level-funded, Limited Day Health Plans which provide near-comprehensive coverage at 30-40% less than the cost of a HDHP, for a carve-out class of tenured/key employees.

Plans are guarantee issue and available on a voluntary or low-cost basis to help with Recruiting, Retention, or Cost-Saving strategies.

Request more information to learn about Coterie Advisors and our strategic approach to custom benefit plans for your employer group clients.

Coterie Advisors believes they are well-positioned to meet the “new normal” of marketplace needs based on the changes that will result from the current economic environment. For more information, email us at: or visit or


Ben Rozum



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