New Level-Funded Copay Plan - No Deductibles

Fundamental Care is a level-funded Limited-Day Health Plan costing 30-40% less than HDHPs with no deductibles.

How high can health insurance premiums and deductibles go?

Employers and employees are frustrated...

Show your clients a new option: a unique, level-funded Limited-Day Health Plan for employers.

Think of Fundamental Care as a major medical plan with no deductibles, but with limits on the number of covered days (not dollar limits).

  • 30-40 less expensive than HDHPs

  • Copay plan - NO deductibles (not fixed-indemnity)

  • $50 minimum employer contribution

  • Minimum 5 enrolled - for small group and carve-outs

  • Guaranteed Issue - No health questionnaires

Now Quoting for November 1st Effective Dates.

Aaron Cook

​Co-Founder & President

Coterie Advisory Group, Inc.

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