StuLo vs. Student Loan Repayment Assistance Plans

The challenges associated with Repayment Assistance Plans are that they are: expensive, create an added tax burden, and are unfair to some employees.

Can your clients afford a benefit budget of an additional $2-3,000 per eligible employee per year?

If your answer is "no way" then consider StuLo as an alternative:

  • Affordable. Unlike expensive, employer-funded repayment assistance programs, StuLo has no-cost and low-cost options available.

  • Simple. StuLo is easy to implement because it never requires any system integration or payroll administration

  • Meaningful. StuLo is a wholistic benefit solution that is focused on financial wellness, student loan debt relief, and credit repair services. It is designed to help all employees -- not just those burdened with student loan debt.​​

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Student loan debt relief is considered one of the fastest growing employee benefits. Studies indicate that through 2020, employers offering the benefit will grow from 4% to 30%.

To learn more about StuLo or to request a client proposal, please visit our or call us today at 602.888.8144.

StuLo is available for Employers, Alumni and Trade Associations, and can be embedded with other Financial and Insurance programs.


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About StuLo

StuLo is an employee benefit and association-member benefit program that is focused on: financial wellness, student loan debt relief, and credit repair services. The benefit program takes a wholistic approach to providing a financial wellness benefit for all employees and members—not just a benefit to help student loan holders only. The aggregation of financial-related benefits includes: general financial coaching and online tools, concierge services to help with federal student loan consolidation enrollment, private student loan refinancing marketplace, concierge services to help with credit repair, accident disability insurance, and identity theft protection. As an alternative to an expensive, employer-funded student loan repayment assistance benefit, StuLo provides significant benefit value at little to no cost to the employer.

About Student Markets Group Inc. and Coterie Advisory Group Inc.

Student Markets Group, which is owned by Coterie Advisory Group, is the national program manager for the StuLo benefit program. The companies provide consultative services and product solutions that are dedicated to helping consumers in the insurance and benefits industry—including the rising concerns of affordable health insurance and student loan debt relief. Their packages of consumer-centric insurance and non-insurance programs solve real-world problems, make a meaningful difference in consumers' lives, and have a track-record of being market-leading and market-changing. |

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