Sometimes things come easy...

Most of the time, we learn things the hard way.

Pay your dues. Learn from your mistakes. Fail to win.

Even before a career begins, kids are stuck in a tough situation.

Their doing the “right thing” of going to a good college to pursue a good education for a good career that follows.

Hoping for a good salary.

But it’s coming with a burden of debt. The average graduate has $37k of student loan debt, but we’re seeing kids with $60, $80, $100k.

The hopes of those good salaries just aren’t there immediately out of college.

Knowing how to deal with debt through programs that exist to help them, are just not easily accessible.

The process is confusing.

Unfortunately, too many struggle and many are in default and learning the hard way.

We wanted to create a meaningful employee benefit to provide the needed financial guidance along with the needed cash flow savings.

We launched StuLo Wellness for student loan debt relief and financial wellness benefits.

We’re helping employers and associations with a low/no cost solution. And helping recent grads who have averaged nearly $350 a month in cash flow savings.

That’s pretty significant… Maybe even considered “come easy” for those that take advantage.

StuLo offers voluntary and low-cost options for your employer and association group clients. To learn more about StuLo or to request a client proposal, please visit our website , email us, or call us today at 602.888.8144.

Ben Rozum

​Founder | Start-up Entrepreneur | Company Culture Creator | Executive Leader

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StuLo is an affordable benefit solution that is focused on financial wellness, student loan debt relief and credit repair services that is designed to help employees and association members. StuLo is easy to implement because it has a voluntary option that requires no cost and no administration. To learn more, visit

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