November 1st already... Where did the year go?

It’s probably something most of us say every year, but this year feels different.

Coterie has recently passed the one year anniversary of our start-up.

While new ventures can feel lonely at times, this one did not.

Our supportive and close relationships within the benefits industry helped to create short product development cycles.

We successfully launched StuLo Financial Wellness ( and the Fundamental Care Benefits Marketplace (

The market reception for our relevant and meaningful programs has been amazing.

Relationships matter most.

Thank you industry friends (our coterie) for everything you did and are doing to help us in 2017.

Time flies when you’re having fun…

Ben Rozum

​Founder | Start-up Entrepreneur | Company Culture Creator | Executive Leader

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About Coterie Advisory Group, Inc.

Coterie Advisory Group. is a national, insurance program manager and marketing agency. Coterie Advisory Group specializes in product development and procurement, distribution channel alignment, and technology platforms for their proprietary benefit programs. The company provides consultative services and product solutions that are dedicated to helping consumers in the insurance and benefits industry--including the rising concerns of affordable health insurance and student loan debt relief. They target niche markets in the employer, association, student, and affinity marketplaces.To learn more, visit

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