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Deal expands Trendz Data’s partnerships with Insurance industry Distributors and Administrators

Philadelphia, PA, October 5th, 2017 – Today Trendz Data LLC announced that it has been selected as the Data Integration and Business Intelligence provider for Coterie Advisory Group, a national insurance program manager and marketing agency. Coterie is working with Trendz to manage and automate key inbound and outbound data functions for member, enrollment, eligibility, premium, product data.

“We spent considerable time working with Coterie to leverage automation and speed-to-market capabilities while enabling flexibility to work with disparate input and output data sources and formats thus allowing for business growth and additional market penetration for Coterie’s StuLo Student Loan Debt Relief program and their Fundamental Care Marketplace for uninsured employees and association members”, said Manish Mandelia, Co-Founder of Trendz Data.

Aaron Cook, President of Coterie Advisory Group added, “Data Integration is such a critical part of our business. We could not afford to mismanage our data in any form; security, speed, or inaccuracy. Trendz Data took the time to really understand our business and provide solutions tailored to making Coterie and our programs successful.”

Coterie’s on-boarding continues Trendz growth in partnering with insurance industry distributors and administrators. “Managing thousands of data files, dealing with legacy platforms, and data inefficiencies are a huge challenge in the insurance industry. At Trendz, we leverage our insurance background to provide real solutions designed to make our industry’s data more usable and secure”, added Manish Mandelia. “We believe that Trendz can help companies in our industry solve their data challenges, allowing them to do what they do best, provide service and products to the market.”

About Trendz Data LLC

Trendz Data LLC is a national, Data Integration and Business Intelligence organization in the Insurance industry. Trendz specializes in simplifying and integrating multiple data formats and sources, reducing business disruption and IT drain, and helping client’s on-board new clients and vendors quickly and accurately so they can focus on their core businesses.


Manish Mandelia, Co-Founder

Trendz Data LLC


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