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StuLo: Financial Wellness | Student Loan Debt Relief | Credit Repair


StuLo is a financial wellness benefit package designed to help employers address the growing need for student loan debt relief which includes 44 million Americans and $1.4 Trillion in debt.

While only 4% of employers offer any type of student loan related benefits today, studies indicate that over 26% will be through 2018.

As an alternative to an employer-funded student loan repayment assistance benefit, StuLo provides significantly more benefit value at little to no cost to the employer. In addition, StuLo includes financial related benefits for all employees -- not just those with student loan debt.

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StuLo offers voluntary and low-cost options for

your employer and association group clients.

We are looking for distribution partner opportunities with:

  • Benefit Advisors

  • Enrollment Companies

  • BenAdmin/Exchange Platforms

  • Third-Party Administrators

  • Carriers


​Ben Rozum

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StuLo is an affordable solution that is focused on financial wellness, along with student loan debt relief and credit repair services to help employees. StuLo is also easy for employers to implement because it has a voluntary option that requires no cost and no administration. To learn more, visit

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