Coterie Advisory Group Announces New Marketing Agreement with the National Association of Financial

Coterie's partnership with NAFIP continues their growth in the Association consulting space.


Coterie Advisory Group has announced a new, exclusive marketing agreement with the National Association of Financial Industry Professionals (NAFIP). Coterie Advisory Group has partnered with NAFIP to reconfigure the membership benefits portfolio offered to NAFIP members.

NAFIP’s new member benefit program focuses on providing benefits to Independent Contractors and other non-W2 employees in the Financial Industry. The revamped program allows members access to affordable care and an array of consumer services programs designed to help manage their independent businesses.

“Coterie has a strong background in building financial wellness and benefit programs. We wanted to leverage their expertise to create a meaningful benefits program that would appeal to both new and current members.” says NAFIP Board Member, Walter Gentner. “As someone in the Financial Industry, I understand how challenging it can be to operate a business, manage expenses, and find affordable benefits for my family. I believe that the program we put together can help a lot of our members.”

With this agreement, Coterie Advisory Group continues to expand their presence in the Association/Affinity space. “With changes to the Financial and Healthcare markets following the 2016 election, organizations need more help than ever navigating the complex compliance and benefits marketplace.” said Aaron Cook, President of Coterie Advisory Group. “Having spent several years of my own career operating as an Independent Consultant, I can appreciate the lack of resources available. NAFIP is dedicated to improving the lives of their members. That dedication is why they have been so successful and one of the reasons we are so excited about working together.”

About Coterie Advisory Group, Inc. Coterie Advisory Group is a national insurance program manager and marketing agency. Coterie Advisory Group specializes in product development and procurement, distribution channel alignment, and technology platforms for their proprietary benefit programs. The company provides consultative services and product solutions that are dedicated to helping consumers in the insurance and benefits industry. They target niche markets in the employer, association, student, and affinity marketplaces.

About the National Association of Financial Industry Professionals (NAFIP) NAFIP is a national Association dedicated to promoting the interests of Independent Professionals across the country. Ranging from Sales Reps to Mortgage Brokers, Realtors to Accountants; Independent professionals are a key component of the American workforce. Due to their independent status (non-W2), they often lack lobbying power, a voice in the market, and robust benefit programs. NAFIP strives to help meet those needs.


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