From Start-Up to Early-Stage Growth

My experience of working for a start-up company and then co-founding three companies from the ground-up has come with moments of euphoria and moments of sheer terror (paraphrasing from Ben Horowitz's: The Hard Thing About Hard Things). While the ups and downs of the start-up business roller coaster can be stressful, I would not trade the knowledge gained and relationships developed from my entrepreneurial experiences for anything.


"There is no question that my favorite stage

of a business life-cycle is moving from a start-up

company into early-stage growth."


There is no question that my favorite stage of a business life-cycle is moving from a start-up company into early-stage growth. The shift happens when just the right product-market fit is established. The mission is clear and the vision can be realized. Things start to click. The interest in your products and services coincides perfectly with the timing of market demand. The business starts to hum and the floodgates are open. The growth curve begins to hockey stick and you realize that the sky is the limit.

Reaching for the stars and building something meaningful is not a one man job. Like so many successful business professionals that I have met throughout my career, I've been very fortunate in my life to be surrounded by great bosses who became great mentors, then friends, and whom eventually became great business partners as well.

Support from those friends and business partners along with family support at home is imperative. Equally important -- and arguably the most important -- is surrounding yourself in the company with like-minded individuals who are high-performers. "A" Players who are dedicated to the mission, share your drive and desire, and are committed to make it happen. When the chemistry is right, seeing what can be accomplished by a unified and collaborative team that trusts and relies on one another is transformational. While talent acquisition and development can be challenging, it is also the most rewarding.

Ben Rozum

Founder | Start-up Entrepreneur | Company Culture Creator | Executive Leader

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