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Set out to Make Meaning...

I came across this video in my archive of bookmarks. It's an oldie but a goodie that is worth revisiting.

In this video, entrepreneurial legend, Guy Kawasaki (in one of his Art of the Start seminars), talks about his experiences with start-up companies and the importance of setting out to "Make Meaning". He insists that company founders whose inspirations are to make money, typically are neither the ones to make meaning, nor are they the ones making money. Creating meaning doesn’t guarantee success but it is a key motivator for overcoming all the obstacles that any entrepreneur faces on a daily basis. It's also the driving force that gives purpose to employees and early-adopting customers who believe in the mission.

As I begin the process again of setting out to start-up another new company setting out to start-up a new company, this reminder is all too relevant and meaningful for myself and my co-founding partners. Within the first couple of minutes of the video, you will hear and easily understand Mr. Kawasaki's simple, but powerful advice. Companies that make a difference and succeed are the ones that are set-out to make meaning by creating the business for one of three reasons, to:

  • increase quality of life,

  • right a wrong,

  • prevent the end of something good.


The motivations behind founding a company to make meaning -- to fundamentally make the world a better place or change peoples lives -- are what drives wildly successful businesses.


I am excited for what lies ahead with our new company start-up and am very much looking forward to re-engaging our network of relationships... our coterie in the insurance and benefits industry. Our marketplace continues to be ripe for innovation with opportunities to provide products and services designed to change people's lives. And that is exactly what we intend to do. Stay tuned for our market launch which will be coming soon!

Take 2 minutes to watch and enjoy the first part of the video.

Ben Rozum

Founder | Start-up Entrepreneur | Company Culture Creator | Executive Leader

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