Alumni Associations to the Rescue!

$1.4 Trillion of student loan debt is affecting 44 million graduates with an average debt of $37,000.

Surveys and studies of recent college graduates are reinforcing what you already know: graduates are angry about their high-levels of student loan debt and are struggling in the workforce to find a job that meets their financial needs. Many are directing their disappointment toward their alma mater.

As an Alumni Association, what resources can you provide to help?

StuLo is specifically designed to help Alumni who are facing this challenge. StuLo provides a concierge service for Student Loan Debt Relief. We work closely with loan holders to initiate a Federal Loan Consolidation and determine qualification to enroll them in the correct Income-Based Repayment program available. A private loan refinancing marketplace and other financial wellness benefits are also available.

StuLo has helped graduates obtain $343/mo. in cash flow savings!

A meaningful member benefit for your Alumni and your Association.

Partnering with StuLo is easy. Not only will it provide a valuable resource as a benefit to your Alumni, but it may also help to solve related challenges your association may be facing, like: declining membership and loss of revenue. StuLo has benefit component options that are available on a no-cost and low-cost basis which can align with both Freemium and Premium membership models.

With StuLo, you can engage Students and not just your Alumni.

​By coordinating with student affairs to offer StuLo prior to graduation, Alumni Associations can provide a meaningful and valuable resource that will assist students with loan guidance before their loan repayments begin. This will create a personalized relationship between the future graduate and the Alumni Association and should help to support the membership pipeline due to added recognition and loyalty.

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